Neretva river delta & Archaeological site “Narona”

Private full day excursion to Neretva river delta & "Narona"

The Neretva river delta is a completely untouched natural environment offering shelter for numerous birds, fishes, citrus trees, fruits, vegetables and other species. It is an experience to drive through this jewel of nature.  Not without reason the Romans had a settlement in this area. The remains of the ancient city of Narona is situated at the place that we now call the village of Vid near Metkovic.  Narona was a Roman colony and emporium and its massive wealth based on trade. These are the most precious remains of historical heritage in this area. Archaeological digs from 1995 and 1996 provided epochal results, with the discovery of Augusteum, the temple consecrated to the divined Augustus (16 monumental figures), making this site one of the most significant archaeological sites outside of Rome.  Delta Neretva & Narona the perfect combination of archeology and pure nature.

Duration: Full day private excursion Neretva river delta & Archaeological site "Narona" in Croatia and Bosnia Hercegovina.

Included: Services of English, French, Dutch speaking private driver, pick up and drop off in front of your hotel or cruise ship, ride trough the Delta of river Neretva by car, optional visit of the archaeological site of Narona.

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