Walking tour Dubrovnik Old town

Private Walking tour Dubrovnik Old town.

Dubrovnik has been called the most perfectly preserved medieval town in the world and is a city, which for centuries, rivalled Venice as a major sea trading port. It has now been fully restored to its former glory and is an ultimate expression of all that is fine in medieval building. The huge walls, built the 11th and 17th centuries are still intact. The churches, monasteries, palaces, wide marble paved squares, steep cobble-stepped streets and houses have remained unchanged for centuries. But Dubrovnik is no museum. It is alive with the comings and goings of people whose homes line the narrow streets and sunlit squares enclosed by massive walls.

Visit Dubrovnik with a local guide.

Learn more about the rich history, amazing architecture, the time of the Dubrovnik republic, life nowadays, the difficult period during the homeland war, discover hidden corners, Game of Thrones film locations, a guided walk over Dubrovnik city walls, guided trip with Dubrovnik Cable car for the best view of Dubrovnik Old town and surroundings.... And so much more....

Take your time to visit Dubrovnik, visit Dubrovnik with a local guide.


Private walking tours.

As my walking tours are mostly private, private walking tours for couples & families, friend groups or group travelers, I adapt the program to your personal wishes or interests, I create your walking tour as tailor made.

Private guided walking tour Dubrovnik Old Town with English, French, Dutch speaking licensed guide.

Private walking tour for: 1 up to 30 persons.

Average duration: approx. 2 hours. Private walking tours are tailor made..... We adapt walking tours to your personal wishes.

We recommend: To complete the guided walking tour of Dubrovnik I advise to visit at least one of Dubrovnik's interesting museums or historical monasteries.


We offer

  • Guided walks over Dubrovnik City walls with explanations can be organised before or after the walking tour.
  • Combination walking tours:  walking tour Dubrovnik old town & Dubrovnik cable car op to mountain Srđ, 412 meter above sea level, above Dubrovnik old town. Enjoy this stunning view over the Dubrovnik, the Pearl of Adriatic......

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